Our Patch & Tartan

The Maine Public Safety Pipe and Drum Corps is dedicated to honor and tradition in public safety and the military.

Our logo is the Scottish Garter encircling a Solitaire. In each quarter is depicted one of the four units we represent: Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, and Emergency Communications.

Shield & Crest Badge

Azure a saltire Argent between a balanced scale in chief Or; in dexter flank a representation of a firefighter’s badge Gules, detailed and fimbriated of the third; in sinister flank a saltire and a pale conjoined and couped of the field fimbriated of the second, the pale charged with a Rod of Aesculapius of the like; in base the Arabic numerals “911” of the fourth, all within a garter buckled and nowed Sable, garnished Silver. Over the garter are the inscribed words “TRADITION AND HONOR” in Gold capital letters.




The saltire alludes to the Corps’ Scottish traditions of providing Scottish music for funerals and memorials and teaching Highland bag piping and drumming. Within the saltire the four primary Public Safety Fields are represented: a balanced scale of Justice, which alludes to the Police, a red firefighter’s badge representing the Fire Service, the saltire and pale conjoined form a Rod of Aesculapius ‘Star of Life’ and alludes to the Emergency Medical Service, the numeral “911” in red stands for Emergency Communications, all within a Silver and Black garter inscribed with the motto “TRADITION AND HONOR” in Gold letters.

Our kilt is the Dirigo Tartan. The colors in it stand for the following:

The light blue is for the skies of Maine, may they remain bright and clear;

The dark blue is for the waters of Maine, may they always be abundant of food;

The dark green is for the forests of Maine, always to sustain life and shelter; and

The red stripes that criss-cross the pattern are for the blood shed defending this great state and country.