About The Corps

The Corps is more like a family, than just a pipe band. The public safety background that most of the members have brings a feeling of belonging to something much more. We understand the sacrifices that are made for the profession and we believe in the duty, tradition, and honor of public safety service.

We also have fun. We enjoy the warped sense of humor that is often used to get public safety personnel through the good and bad that we have to witness. We value the camaraderie that only public safety personnel know. In the Corps, we greet each member with a handshake or a hug. We support each other and are there for each other.

As a Corps member, you can learn to play the pipes or drums, learn new pieces of music, and participate in various performances. For non-playing members, you can join the Honor Guard and render honors through presentation of the Colors.

You will learn about Scottish history, care and maintenance of your instrument and equipment, and how to set high goals and standards. But most of all, you will take pride in your hard work, your accomplishments, your music, your dedication, your honor for public safety, and most importantly yourself.Please check out the other sections of our website to learn about us and see if you would like to join us!