Hire Us

The Maine Public Safety Pipe & Drum Corps will provide our services free of charge for all public safety personnel funerals and memorials (line of duty deaths and non-duty related deaths for active and retired personnel) and for active duty military personnel killed in action.

We are also available for any other event including parades, graduations, weddings*, private parties, and funerals. You may hire the entire band, a single piper, or any combination of pipers and drummers. *Requests for single pipers for weddings will be passed onto our pipers and then all communication/hiring will be done between the customer and the individual piper.

Uniforms, instruments, operating costs, and travel expenses are all significant costs and the Corps is dependent on its performance fees to cover these expenses. Therefore, the Corps may charge a small fee to cover expenses for public safety/civic events such as academy graduations, ceremonies, memorials, etc.

All booking and general inquiries are welcome. Please, contact the Pipe MajorĀ Michael Lundin for more information.

The following list is not all-inclusive and prices may vary depending on location and other factors, but may be used as a guideline for events:

2022 Contract Prices

  • Public Safety Personnel Line of Duty Death Funeral (Full Corps) (includes active duty military killed in action) Free
  • Public Safety Personnel (current or retired) Funeral (Single Piper) Free
  • Non-Public Safety Funeral (Single Piper or a Piper/Drummer combination) $150.00
  • Non-Public Safety Funeral (Full Corps) $400.00
  • Any Event, including Parades (Full Corps) $600.00
  • Small Unit Events (3 Pipers/3 Drummers) $350.00
  • Single Piper Events (except weddings) $150.00
  • Single Piper for Weddings The Corps will pass requests onto our pipers and price negotiation will be between you and the piper.

Prices may vary based upon event type, travel expenses, length of engagement, etc. Call or email for pricing.